Chef Bob Says Sinkies Should Not Complain About $7.50 Nasi Padang, If They Pay Same Price For Cafe Teh

We all know that Singaporeans are a complaining bunch. We complain about everything and anything under the sun. Our complains also include how expensive the price of food is nowadays. But one chef in Singapore has taken it to himself to bring Singaporeans to task.

Chef Bob has spoken out against all those who have complained that a normal Nasi Padang dish served out at hawker centres are expensive. The Nasi Padang generally comes with rice and about two or three servings of vegetables and meat combine, and they can cost anywhere from $6 to about $7.50. Singaporeans have called this expensive hawker fare. But Chef Bob had the perfect response to these cheapskates by saying that Singaporeans like their signature tea from Cafes such as Coffee Bean or Starbucks. Chef Bob argued that these signature drinks are basically nothing more than teh with ice that has been given fanciful name. And the drinks can cost anywhere between $6 to $7.50.

So, if Singaporeans can pay that much for their cup of teh, then surely they can pay that for their proper Nasi Padang meal.

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