Go-Jek Driver Apologised For Rude Behaviour Towards Elderly Couple, Begged For 2nd Chance

The Go-jek driver who appeared in a viral video yesterday has apologised for his behaviour. In the video, he was seen acting rudely to an elderly couple who only wanted to call Go-jek to clarify the fare. The couple claimed that the fare was $14.10 while the driver disputed that it was supposed to be $21.10.

The driver consistently raised his voice at the elderly for wasting his time because of “only $7”.

However, he has finally apologised after netters thrashed him for being an ass. He said that he has nothing against the elderly and blamed it on them for being irritated due to the price discrepancy. He claimed that they demanded to alight at an inconvenient spot and caused trouble for him.

“Why I behave in such a manner is because I was accused of overcharging the passenger. I did not. It is the system. And what I said in the video was to say that I am just trying to hit my incentives as the fares are already low. The pressure is immense. The terms are challenging. I’m facing a lot of stress to meet the targets.”

He said that he is usually nice to the elderly and the poor by even citing a good deed he once done. He also said that he was just trying to earn a living to feed his family.

At the end of everything, he admitted that he was “unnecessarily rude” and asked Singaporeans to give him a second chance.

What do you think? Should the driver deserve to get slammed more or should he be forgiven?

Rude or not, he is lucky the storm will be over after some time. He should also count his blessings that he did not kena a passenger like Jovina.

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