15% Of SGreans Surveyed Finds Muslims Threatening

Islamophobia is a real thing, and it has inched its way to Singapore. In a recent survey conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) s part of a global study, it was found that while 70% of the Singaporeans surveyed said they believe people of different faiths can get along well when they stay close together, 15% of those surveyed said they found Muslims threatening.

This is even though Singapore have had no incident of religious animosity in almost 50 years. The survey also had a very revealing fact – those that stay in private housing are more likely to find Muslims threatening than those who are living in HDB flats. Shows you what kind of a bubble these elite rich are staying under. The survey also reveals that while Buddhists and Hindus relatively views Muslims in a positive light, about one in five Catholics, Christians and those without religion find Muslims threatening.

This also shows how much global terror and the fact that it was being associated with Muslims have played into the minds of Singaporeans. While most said that 15% is not a majority, it is still a significant number, and this number must not be allowed to grow in order to have a peaceful and tolerant country. The study noted that 1,800 Singaporeans from all walks of life were surveyed. The recent New Zealand tragedy shows how a united country can bind together against terrorism, and terrorist does not conform to any race or religion.

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