Marine Parade TC Apologised After Cat It Relocated To HabourFront Died

The Marine Parade Town Council (MPTC) is in hot soup with cat lovers all over Singapore, after their heartless act of relocating two cats that were from the Marine Terrace estates to HabourFornt backfired. One of the cats had died, while the other has gone missing.

The two cats were catnapped by the by the staff of MPTC at Marine Terrace, and sent away to an unfamiliar surroundings of the Seah Im Food Centre at HabourFront. It was not known why this was done, other than the fact that the staff of MPTC thought this would be a good way of ridding themselves of stray cats problems. It was a surprise that the staff did not send the cats away to opposition ward Aljunied instead, to let the opposition deal with their tai chi.

MPTC have since issued an apology, saying their staff had misjudged the situation, and the cats should have been sent to AVA instead of letting them loose in foreign surroundings to the cats. It was also reported that MPTC had denied their staff had done such a thing at first, until they were called out by their bluff bu cat lovers in the area. In their reply, MPTC also tried to shift the blame, by saying the cats had been a nuisance and that many residents had lodged complaints.

Standard MO by any PAP Town Council, push the blame to someone else and never take full responsibilities for mistakes made.

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