Man Took Videos Of Women Peeing, Wished Them Merry Xmas After He Was Caught

A man has been jailed a total of 12 weeks after he was caught filming them in a toilet in a building after Christmas dinner last year. Bryan Fang Zhongquan, 30, was still a financial adviser when filmed a total of 14 women relieving themselves in a toilet.

Fang had been with a friend having Chritsmas dinner at the NTUC Income Building at Tampines Junction and were also having drinks. When the friend left, Fang returned to the building, hid himself in a female toilet cubicle and locked the door. he then proceeded to film 7 women who went in to the next cubicle to relieve themselves. He left the toilet about 15 minutes later, but thinking he had gotten away with his crime, he returned to the same toilet half an hour later, and proceeded to film another seven women. However, he was caught when his last victim saw his phone.

Fang ran out of the toilet and tried to run out of the building as well, but was caught by a male friend of the last victim. To avoid being detained by the police, he apologised to his victims and wished them Merry Xmas. Fang has since lost his job, as well as his girlfriend. The phone that he used to take the videos of the women, an iPhone X, has been seized by the police and will be disposed of.

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