15 Children Sent To Hospital After Gastroenteritis Outbreak At SPF Sparkletots Outlets

About 15 people have been taken to hospital after a gastroenteritis outbreak at a few PCF Sparkletots outlets across a few locations. All the PCF Sparkletots outlets affected were using the same caterer, and the caterer, Kate’s Catering, have been issued with a suspension notice by the NEA, pending further investigations.

Six of the 15 hospitalised have since been discharged. It was earlier reported that 14 children were left vomiting and having diarrhea after eating catered food during a launch of PCF’s Toa Payoh outlet on 1 February. And on 26 February, a further 31 people developed gastroenteritis at Tanglin MindChamps pre-school. NEA also announced that there was an outbreak of gastroenteritis across four PCF Sparkletots outlets as of Wednesday morning, and all were traced to the consumption of food from Kate’s Catering.

NEA, MOH, and the AVA are currently investigating the incidents. However, the the four PCF Sparkletots which had the most recent outbreak of gastroenteritis were not named.

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