Two Men Investigated By Police For Throw Eggs At Shanmugam Comments

Police have confirmed that they are currently investigating two men for comments they made on a ChannelNewsAsia Facebook post, in which one man said he wants to throw an egg at law and Home Affairs Minster K Shanmugam, and the other man provided details of where Shanmugam will be on his upcoming Meet-The-People session.

The comments were made in response to CNA’s FB post regarding the controversy surrounding Australian senator Fraser Anning’s comment in the wake of the NZ Terrorist attacks on the mosques, and where Anning was subsequently thrown an egg by a young man. Police said that they take such threats seriously, and the 20 year old man who made the comment, Edmund Zhong is currently under investigation. Another 47 year old man is also assisting in police investigations, although he was not named.

Mr Zhong has since posted on his own FB that police officers had come to his house asking him to come down to Ang Mo Kio Police station for questioning. Zhong also stated his mixed emotions that his harmless but straightforward comment had gained the attention of the police.

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