Johor Police Hunting Singaporean Over Pasir Gudang Illegal Dumping

The Malaysian authorities and Johor Police are reportedly looking for a Singaporean company director to assist them in the investigations into the illegal dumping of toxic chemicals in Pasir Gudang. The Singaporean is reportedly one of the many people being hunted by the police to assist in their investigations.

The Johor police also said that the Singaporean man has been identified as a 30 year old man, and they have alerted Singapore’s authorities of his wanted status. Thus far, 11 male suspects have been detained in Malaysia’s worse case of illegal toxic dumping, with three men to be charged first. More than 4,000 people have been affected by the toxic fumes released, and 111 schools have been closed since March 7, when the chemical waste incident became public.

So far, of the three to be charged, one is also a Singaporean, named as 34 year old Wang Jin Chao.

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