Govt Feedback Unit Says 80% Singaporeans Support The Merdeka Package, But Is It Enough?

The Government feedback and engagement arm, REACH, claims that 80% of Singaporeans are in full support of the Merdeka Generation Package. As Singaporeans, who are we to argue? The government already say so, so it must be true, right?

REACH claims it got the results from 4,500 Singaporeans who responded to REACH’s survey. REACH said it engaged 2,601 of these respondents through face-to-face meets at mobile feedback booths, known as Listening Points, and another 1,449 through a telephone poll. The rest gave feedback through dialogues, online feedback and messaging apps. No details on the make up of the respondents, but one suspects they like to wear white.

To prove that there are 20% (probably more, they just don’t want to say) who are not happy, during an engagement session organized by People’s Association held at the Grassroots’ Club in Ang Mo Kio on 24th March, someone in the audience asked how the government think the $200 annual Medisave top up is enough. Instead of answering the question, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli urged the Muslim community to relook its personal insurance so as to ensure that they are adequately covered but cautioned them not to over purchase policies.

He also stressed the importance of staying active, both in body and mind, to prevent burdening future generations with medical needs. The audience member is still waiting for his unanswered question as of today, while Masagoes have triumphantly slithered back to his ivory tower looking smug at another piece of PR machinery win for the whites.

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