Last Of The Depraved Sex Perverts In Sammyboy Forum Jailed

The last of the five men who was caught filming and distributing hidden videos capture of women in public restrooms and changing rooms was sentenced to three years in jail. 27 year old Clarence Tang Jia Ming was one of five men who had colluded to install hidden cameras in toilets and shared videos of women relieving themselves on the Sammybouy Sex forum.

All the other four had been sentenced before him, all jailed from between six months to three years in jail, and all five were members of the Sammyboy Sex forum, a website that contains obscene materials. Tang had learnt how to plant the hidden cameras from his fellow accused, and once well versed in his skills, he proceeded to plant the cameras disguised as wall hooks in toilets, angling them in such a manner as the cameras captured the unsuspecting women’s faces and their private parts.

He recorded 73 obscene films, 68 of which were taken at the unisex toilet of the Starbucks outlet at Holland Village in 2014 and 2015. His crime were uncovered when MOE made a police report after they received information of obscene videos of schoolgirls in toilets or changing rooms. When Tang was arrested, police uncovered his external hard disk drives which contained 4,900 sex-themed films.

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