Khaw Boon Wan Shamelessly Praising HDB And PAP In His Lesson Learnt Speech

Singaporeans by now would have known that Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan is on extended MC, sitting on his thousands of dollar monthly salary doing nothing because of a fractured arm. What we did not know until yesterday was how he actually fractured it.

Khaw himself revealed in a resident’s event in his ward, and in his first public appearance at an event since he fractured that arm. Apparently, he took a heavy fall after getting up from his bed in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. Makes you wonder how high his bed was. Maybe as high as the ivory tower he is sitting in?

Anyways, in his speech, he was trying to tell his captivated audience the lessons that we should take from his fall. First, if you want to be a good husband, never wake up your wife in the middle of the night at least until you scream in pain from a broken limb suffered. And then, Khaw compared his pain in suffering the fractured arm to be more painful than childbirth. He hero, can tahan so much pain. The best was when he reminded everyone that HDB has elderly friendly programme that subsidizes the installation of elderly-friendly features at home, shamelessly praising HDB. And then he praised his own party, the PAP, for heavily subsidizing his two weeks stay in hospital, if not, it would have been an expensive stay, alluding to the fact that the government supposedly hands out lots of subsidies for Singaporeans.

You cannot put a good PAP party member down, even when suffering the most painful fractured arm ever, still got time to thank his party for subsidising his hospital stay.

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