Cabby In The Fatal Alexandra Road Crash Did Not Recall Anything, No Idea Someone Died

The taxi driver who was involved in the Alexandra Road crash that claimed the life of a 66 year old woman, have no recollection of the events leading up to the crash, and of the horrific crash itself. The 72 year old SMRT taxi driver had blacked out before he hit the group of pedestrians crossing the road.

The taxi driver’s son told the media that his father had no idea what had happened, and how he managed to make that right turn without hitting any oncoming traffic, or even a car that was stopped in front of him remains a mystery. That he would end up crashing his cab into a group of pedestrians crossing the road was unfortunate. One of the woman hit, a 66 year old who was identified as Ms Tang Yao Hua, a cleaner.

The son also told the media that the family had not have the chance to to tell the taxi driver that he had actually killed the woman. Police are still investigating the accident.

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