Woman Wants People With American Accent To Read To Her Child, Blames Internet For Disclosing Details After Getting Flamed

Your team posted a photo of a “book reader wanted” ad on your Facebook page. On that post, my personal information has been revealed and I have been received too many unwanted messages from unknown people.

Your post seriously harasses my current situation.

Believe or not, I didn’t even thought about the different English accents when I first write this flyer. It really doesn’t matter to me. My kind friend, who helped me to print them out and post them on campus, added the
accent part. I was not knowing it until I received these wierd messages. I am not blaming on my friend. But it would have been nicer if your team could consider someone else’s privacy at least a moment, when you post something on your very popular Facebook page.

I have been fond with my life in Singapore and Singaporean friends. However, I feel scared and depressed now by being bullied by these people who have no idea what we are experiencing and why we needed to post this flyer.

If you care at all, please delete the post asap. I do not want any more unwanted messages.

Ok, it is censored now.

Did you hear that, Internet?

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