Malaysian Death Row Inmate Executed In Singapore Today, When Will People Realise The Unfairness Of The Death Penalty?

Malaysian death row inmate in Singapore, Michael anak Garing, was executed this morning at Changi Prison. His execution went ahead despite pleas from Michael’s family and the Amnesty International. Michael was sentenced to death for murdering a victim during an armed robbery in 2010.

In a photo of the family’s clemency plea furbished by the lawyer, they admitted that their son committed a crime but said that he was otherwise a filial and loving son. He would always send money back to them and has told them before that he regretted what he did. They pleaded for their son to be saved from the death penalty, given that the co-defendant was sentenced to life imprisonment.

“It has been a very difficult time for our family since 2010, having to deal without our son as well as managing on our modest finances to come to visit him in Singapore. His father has been sick with depression and anxiety over Michael’s situation; he was recently hospitalised and was only discharged earlier this month.

We do not want to excuse our son’s offence, but we ask for mercy and for Michael’s life be spared”.

Their pleas fell on deaf ears as Michael was executed today. This is the first execution to take place in Singapore this year that people are aware of. As to whether there are more that Singaporeans are unaware of, nobody will know.

In this day and age, should Singapore do away with death penalty, like many other countries, or should we continue to keep it like we have never progressed? Whatever the crime is, do people have a right to determine another person’s life? Life is unfair but do we have to make it worse?

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