SDP Election Promise: Cut Ministerial Pay, Tax Top 1% More, And Returning CPF Money In Full

The next general election is still not known yet when it will happen. But, as PAP moves towards sweetening the ground, opposition parties are also working hard to come out with their own election proposals. SDP is one such party to be making their case to Singaporeans to vote them into Parliament.

SDP had launched their election campaign back In February, and now they are back with some policy changes they will fight for. They focused mainly on the high cost of living, and cited the PAP’s promises to make the cost of living more affordable for Sinkies. SDP said that PAP had failed to deliver on their promises, and that PAP had in fact, increased more taxes such as GST and Water Tax in order to pay for Singapore’s spending. Listed are the things SDP would do in their policy changes:

– Doing away with GST on essential items, only GST on luxury goods
– Enacting minimum wage
– Reducing healthcare costs
– Lower HDB prices
– Returning CPF savings to account holders in full

SDP also said that they will get money for Singapore’s spending needs from the following sources:

– Cut Ministers’ pay to fund aid for poor
– Raise the income tax rate for the rich 1%
– Ensure a revenue-neutral budget
– Reinstate estate duty
– Stop “profligate” public spending

Let’s hope they finally succeed to have a representative or two in Parliament.

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