SAF Not Open About Training Casualties, Says 61% SGreans Polled

In a poll commissioned by Yahoo News Singapore, it has been discovered that the majority of Singaporeans feel that the SAF have not been very transparent with training-related casualties, and they only come out and acknowledged something has happened if the accident became big news online.

Most of those surveyed also revealed that their confidence in the SAF training enlistees have somewhat eroded after the recent spate of training deaths. The survey was conducted in February this year, by market research consultancy Blackbox Research, and they surveyed 908 Singaporeans. 61% of those surveyed said that SAF is not transparent when it comes to training-related casualties news. Meanwhile an overwhelming 85% of the respondents replied that the spate of fatal accidents have affected their confidence in the SAF to varying degree.

SAF, it seems, have a lot of hard work ahead to restore the public’s faith in them in training their SAF personnel.

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