Makansutra Founder Kf Seetoh Warns Dulwich College Singapore Not To Copy His Branding

Dulwich College Singapore is under fire for copying the original Makansutra. Makansutra founder Kf Seetoh was shocked to find a cafe with the same name in Dulwich College’s compounds. He said that he was not aware of and did not remember opening a stall there. The font is also the the same.

He did not sound angry but hoped that the school will not encourage this kind of copycat behaviour among its staff and students. It is just not right. “Gosh, hope all is fine and i know you teach your students imitation is the best form of flattery. But… passing-off and brand theft is an offence”.

He went on to say that even if the food tasted great, the stall will have to come up with its own name. It will have to create its own branding and register it as a business name, like all other businesses.

Dulwich College Singapore has not responded to it publicly but fret not, as Kf Seetoh has promised to check back with them in a week’s time.

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