Property Agent Died After Botox Injection At Atas Marina Bay Beauty Clinic

A 32 year old female property agent has allegedly died after she went for a Botox injection at a beauty clinic located at Marina Bay. The woman, named as Lau Li Ting, allegedly went to the clinic on 8 March, when she was given the injection by an aesthetic doctor.

The doctor then noticed that Lau began to shiver right after the injection and subsequently became unconscious in the clinic. The doctor was also alleged to have claimed that her heart stopped beating before she was sent to SGH. Lau subsequently slipped into a coma and was put on live support for the next five days, until she passed away on the evening of March 13th.

The clinic that Lau went to was a licenced clinic for Botox treatment, and this was not the first time Lau had gone for Botox injections. her family have made a police report, and police investigations are currently ongoing.

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