SingPost Under Fire Again For Leaving Sembawang Residents’ Letterboxes Open

SingPost is out to troll Singaporeans again! A few days ago, a careless postman left letterboxes open in the Sembawang area. Around 12 units were affected.

A resident was on the way home when he noticed that the letterboxes were open. After some time, another resident went back to check and saw that it was still not locked. SingPost was initially unaware of the issue and only went down to rectify it after the resident had alerted them about it.

The postman in question will face disciplinary actions and additional supervision.

This is not the first time it has happened. Just last year, SingPost was also caught for leaving letterboxes open in the Bedok area due to a faulty latch.

How exactly are they running their services? Isn’t it out of habit to lock the letterboxes? What do they have to say about the incident? If they really valued Singaporeans’ mail security, why cause such a blunder?

SingPost has lately been under fire for multiple mistakes but it cannot explain why Singaporeans will tolerate another one again.

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