SG Weather Getting Too Hot, Girl In Bikini Spotted At Balestier

The weather in Singapore is getting too hot nowadays, that even wearing t-shirts and shorts are no longer considered adequate weather for the hot spell. In fact, one woman was caught on camera wearing something that is more suitable for a day our at the beach or by the pool.

The woman was seen in a black two piece bikini, strutting her stuff in the streets of Balestier. According to eye witnesses, she was seen walking nonchalantly, at one point even chatting over her handphone. She was also seen as hailing a cab along the road. Some netizens even opined that such an outfit could be considered even too risque on Singapore’s public beaches.

It was not known if the woman simply can’t be bothered to cover up anymore on a hot and sweaty day, or she forgot she did not put any clothes on when she decided to go out of her house. Not sure if any taxi driver who picked her up got more than an eyeful.

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