Foreigner Claims Singapore Is Unfriendly To Her After Experiencing Bad Service From Starhub

I would like to complain about how much inefficient Singapore Telco is for foreigner.

I have lived in Singapore more almost 11 years and plan to stay 1.5 yr more for my kids education. All along I have lived in a rented flat and have used Starhub internet, cable services. 6 months ago, I moved to a new condo and changed address of my internet service with Starhub. I got a letter from Starhub that they will stop servicing Cable broadband service in June 2020, so encourage us to change to fibre optic service.

I found that my unit doesn’t have fibre port and it should be installed by my landlord at a cost. However, my landlord told me to wait for a promotion and did not want to install it. I cannot wait for so long. If I move to fibre broadband service, then I have to recontract with Starthub. I called and wrote Starhub to ask if there is any contract less than 24 months in case I have to return to my country. They did not help me although I keep asking about what is the best way for me, because I already know upfront I cannot pay for 24 months.

So my interpretation is they just push me to pay penalty and don’t want to give any exception or any process to save any innocent subscriber who cannot pay up because of unmanageable situation.

I know S-pass holder can only stay in Singapore for 12 months, so I am very curious how they can use broadband service. Internet link is a kind of essential service in modern world, but if Singapore Telco is so rigid like this, then it’s very unfair to foreigners.

I have checked with Singtel and found they are the same. I thought Singapore is a country that is very friendly for foreigner who always have a possibility to return, but this time, I am very disappointed that they are very unreasonable.

Contributed by Mrs Youni

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