Foreign Ministry Said SG Followed All UN Protocols After Revelations NKorea Violated UN Sanctions In SG Visit

The Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) have moved quickly to categorically deny allegations that Singapore had violated any UN sanctions when they hosted North Korean officials to a Singapore port last year, and no sanctions were also violated during Kim Jong Un’s visit last June for the Trump-Kim summit.

This was in response to a UN panel of experts detailing possible violation of UN sanctions by North Korea. Among the UN sanctions violated, the panel highlighted the visit of by officials from North Korea’s Nampo port to Singapore, as well as the fact that Kim’s delegation when he was in Singapore had used illegally obtained Mercedes Benz cars when travelling here. The UN panel also noted that Nampo have been suspected of being used for illegal activities, such as loading of prohibited exports of coal from North Korea. Singapore claimed that they had informed UN on the visit of these officials prior to the event itself.

MFA said Singapore had replied to UN letter on the alleged violations by indicating that the officials listed for visiting Singapore were not in any UN list of prohibited persons. As for the Mercedes Benz cars, Singapore had requested that North Korea provide them with chasis and engine numbers, but the North Koreans had declined citing security concerns. Singapore reiterated their stand that they will abide by UN regulations, and would not violate any sanctions for their own gains.

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