Cab Driver Lent Money To His Pax To Buy Food For Pregnant Wife, No Trust Issues

An online post by one Esmonde Tjw has caught the eyes of netizens, after he highlighted the kind act of a cab driver of the cab he was in. Brings to light that not all passenger who claimed they forgot their wallet are fare cheats, and not all cab drivers are untrusting, complaining lot.

The story unfolded when the man bought dinner for his pregnant wife after work, but the dinner was spoiled, as there was some kind of “pubic hair” in the food. The wife, naturally, was upset. She had waited for the man to finish his work and get her dinner, and he had only managed to get off work at 9pm. So, not wanting to upset his pregnant wife further, he rushed down, flagged a cab, and rushed off to get her food. However, he had forgotten to bring his wallet, and when he told the cab driver, the driver at first thought he was a fare cheat. But he later explained the situation to the driver, and even asked to borrow money to buy food for his wife.

The driver, after being given the man’s phone as insurance in case he was a fare cheat, agreed to lend him $5 for the dinner. To cut story short, man got to buy his wife dinner, managed to get home and paid the cab driver for all his troubles. Most cab drivers probably would not have bothered and left the man stranded without money far from home.

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