Singaporean Parent Complains To Masagos About Burning Smell in Punggol And Its Effects On Child’s Health

Singapore is not as clean as tourists think. A concerned citizen who stays in Punggol complained to the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Masagos Zulkifli, about air pollution in Singapore.

He wrote that he has been experiencing a burning smell in Punggol that caused much irritation to his family. He understands that in the past, the same burning smell came about because of a fire in Pasir Gudang but is displeased that the pollution is lasting so long this time.

He claims that there are many plants in Pasir Gudang that run late into the night, with “fumes or waste gases shooting up into the air like nobody’s business”.

“As the car was driving past, a familiar “funky” smell “flooded” into the car. It was the same smell. Upon seeing and smelling, I’m starting to wonder where does this fumes goes to when the wind is blowing towards Singapore. Without a doubt punggol is getting a direct hit which is located just 1.5km away”.

As nothing seems to be done to improve the situation, he worries for the health of his family and many other young families in Punggol. If this continues, he is not sure if Punggol is, as the government has planned, a good environment for young families and children to live in.

Over to you, minister. What will you do now?

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