Fierce Residents Shames Dog Owner And Rescues Poodle From Alleged Abuse

Netizens are applauding Facebook user “Apollo Chan” for helping to rescue a poor poodle from its owner’s alleged abuse. Chan first got to know of the incident when another resident recorded the owner swinging his dog hard with a leash and hitting it against a wall.

Frustrated and wanting to seek justice for the poor animal, Chan managed to find out the owner’s address and was pained to hear the dog’s cries coming from within the unit.

He then contacted the AVA who were thankfully quick in rushing down to the scene. There, they fiercely confronted the owner and made sure to record his face to show it to the world. They called him a bastard for ill-treating the animal and also told the AVA officer not to let the dog return to its heartless owner.

The poor dog was probably traumatised from all the commotion and bit Chan while struggling to break free from being loaded into AVA’s van. Although a group of residents successfully got it back onto the vehicle, it is uncertain if the dog suffered any injuries from the owner’s suspected abuse.

The AVA is investigating the matter and has sent the dog to a vet for checks.

Kudos to Chan and the residents for stepping up and saving the dog from more harm! It definitely did not deserve to be ill-treated. May justice be served!

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