Change Is Coming As Former DPP Leader Benjamin Pwee Joined SDP In Recent Walkabout

Opposition politicians in Singapore are finally coming together. Benjamin Pwee, former leader of the Democratic Progressive Party, has joined the Singapore Democratic Party in their walkabout last weekend.

They distributed flyers and spoke to residents at Bukit Batok and Bukit Timah. It is a fresh change and definitely one for the better.

Said Chee Soon Juan: “I always consider it an honour and privilege to be working with my fellow men and women in red, the most dedicated and patriotic bunch of Singaporeans I’ve had the good fortune to meet… Had several new faces joining us too including Mr Ben Pwee. We can, we must and we will change Singapore for the better! #SDPNOW #TheWayForward”

Benjamin Pwee left the DPP after 6 years and jumped ship to the SDP because he wanted to work with a bigger and more effective party. He was also attracted to the SDP as it appeals more credible and quality people.

From Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s new party to Benjamin Pwee’s move, changes are surely taking place among the oppositions in Singapore. The PAP may think that they can entice Singaporeans with goodies and carrots but by the looks of how our opposition politicians are working, it is about time they are worried!

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