Shanmugam Preaches That Allowing Watain To Perform In SG Can Affect Social And Religious Harmony

Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam have had his say on the banning of the black metal band Watain from performing in SG. He claims with a straight face and that come slap my face look of his that allowing the black metal band to hold their concert in Singapore will be “against public order interest” and “affect our religious and social harmony”.

He does not, however, say why the Singapore government in the first place allowed the band to perform here with a Restricted 18 (R18) rating. This means the band have been told to abide with other “stringent requirements” put in place, including the removal of religiously offensive songs, references to religion or using religious symbols, and ritualistic acts on stage. But they then the last minute ban? If the government had known all along that the band represents a danger to our social and religious harmony, why were they allowed to come in to SG in the first place? And only ban them last minute, on the day of the concert itself? Is it because of pressure from some entity that the government must kowtow to?

And the fact that the Minister thinks that intelligent adult Singaporeans can fall for such traps without having the brains to think for themselves smack of a nanny state policy. SGreans are not allowed to think for themselves, govt must control our mind also. Anyways, thank you Minister Shanmugam. 90% Singaporeans had no idea who Watian is before this last minute ban. Now, everyone knows who they are.

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