New Creation Church Had Divisive View Preacher Allowed To Talk, No Religious Harmony Threat?

New Creation Church had, over the weekend, a divisive pro-Christian preacher Col Stringer as their guest speaker. Nothing out of the ordinary, until you consider that Col Stringer is well known for his divisive religious views. Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam had gone on record in the heavy metal band Watain being banned as saying that threats to social and religious harmony in Singapore cannot be tolerated, but how come Col Stringer can pass through stringent checks?

On his blog, Col Stringer has some very interesting views on any religion that is not Christian. He has gone on record as saying there is only one religion, and it is not Buddhism or Islam, which he insinuates as illegitimate religions. Stringer has also expressed his views on his anti-Islam stance, indicating that the religion encourages a militant form of following.

Aren’t all these views a threat to the very fabric of Singapore’s social and religious harmony? Even more so than Watain, who does not even have such a following in Singapore? So, why was Watain banned at the last minute from performing, and Col Stringer was not? Double standards, much?

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