Police Charged Jolovan Wham For “Protest” Outside State Court, No Action Against FTs for Protest At CBD

In yet another ironic twist to how the police handle Singapore’s Laws against selected citizenry and foreign talent, two events leap out to mind that occurred over the past few weeks. First, the Police decided to investigate activist Jolovan Wham for his temerity to hold an A4 size paper in front of the State Court.

Jolovan Whan had confirmed via his Facebook page that he had taken a photo of himself holding the said paper with the words “Drop the charges against Terry Xu and Daniel De Costa”. The photo shows him clearly standing in front of the State Court. Jolovan confirmed that once he had taken the photo, he left he scene, and the photo was subsequently uploaded on his FB profile. However, the Police decided to investigate him for illegal assembly without a permit.

Contrast this to the news that about 50 foreign talents staged a sit-in protest against their employer at a side street in the CBD area. The protest was done daily from Monday to Wednesday, and lasts for a couple of hours each day. Police presence were there, but what did they do? The workers were advised, and told to go their way. No charges of illegal assembly without a permit, although this one definitely fits the description.

So why the discrepancy? Is it because it is activist Jolovan Wham, who has made an enemy of the PAP? One rule for those you don’t like, another set of rules for others?

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