Diabetic Patient Loses Part Of His Scrotum Due To Malaysian Doctor’s Negligence

A diabetes patient ended up losing part of his scrotum through gangrene even though he started the day with only fever and a painful lump on his butt, due to the negligence of his company’s doctor, who did not examine him and failed to refer him to hospital immediately.

The doctor, Dr Mohd Syamsul Alam Ismail, is a Malaysian doctor who is now practicing in Johor. On that fateful day on May 14 2013, the doctor, who was deployed to a shipyard in SG, happen to tend to the patient, who complained to him that he had a fever and a pain lump on his butt. However, Dr Syamsul, for whatever reasons, did not examine him, instead simply prescribing him antibiotics and giving him 3 days of MC.

However, the patient’s condition turned serious the next day, and he was immediately admitted to hospital, where he was diagnosed with gangrene and underwent emergency surgery to remove part of his scrotum. The doctor was given a suspension of 2.5 years, and fined $40,000 for his professional misconduct. But the question is, what is a Malaysian doctor doing working in Singapore?

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