A Group Of Self Righteous Christians Got MHA To Ban Black Metal Concert

It seems that MHA have fallen to the demands of a group of self righteous idiots and morons under the guise of Christians who started a petition to demand the banning of a black metal concert in Singapore. The ridiculous petition to ban the concert, where Swedish bands Watain was supposed to perform, culminated in MHA and IMDA actually agreeing to cancel the concert on the day of the concert itself.

Imagine the fans who were anticipating the concert itself. To get banned on the day they were supposed to enjoy their day out. All because some Christian groups deemed the band as satanic, and its music as a negative influence on youths. The petition was actually called “Ministry of Culture Community and Youth Ban Satanic Music Groups Watain and Soilwork From Performing in Singapore“. They got the agency to call for the ban wrong, but the government actually bowed down to their demands, nonetheless.

Not to let this matter rest, netizens was up in arms on this petition, calling it idiotic, and that it is ridiculous that they think people going to the concert could not even make their own life decisions. The person who actually started the petition was also outed, and she was found to be an Ipoh born woman, who apparently calls Singapore her home. She is a Rachel Chan who was allegedly a former teacher registered with MOE.

Once again, our government have bowed down to the pressure of a self righteous group of people, and we are led to believe that we cannot make our own decisions. Thank you very much, Rachel Chan!

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