Mahathir’s Bersatu Johor Branch Asks SGreans To Pressure Govt To Review Water Prices

When your leader speaks up, then the cronies would have to follow. That is what is happening across the Causeway, as PM Mahathir’s Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, through their Johor chapter, has called on Singaporeans to put pressure on the Singapore Government to review the prices of the water deal with Malaysia. They reiterated Mahathir’s stand, which is it is morally wrong for a rich country like Singapore to bully a poor country like Malaysia.

Instead of using rhetoric and political gimmick like Mahathir did, the Bersatu Johor is trying to appeal to the conscience of Singaporeans, saying surely we can see that this deal is something not good for Malaysians, and especially to Johoreans, many of whom might even be related to Singaporeans. The Bersatu Johor media director, Mohd Solihan Badri even asked “Do you not feel guilty that you are enjoying drinking water that you have bought so cheaply from your kin?”. He again indicated that this is the Singapore government is taking advantage of Malaysia’s goodwill, and this lopsided agreement is morally wrong.

Mahathir had called on Johoreans to speak up against this water agreement, and his lap dogs are the first to react. We will see what is Singapore’s further stance on this red herring, as was so eloquently put forward by Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishan. This spat is just getting started, Mahathir is doing his best to make frenemies with his neighbours once again.

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