Lee Bee Wah: One Rule For Govt, Another Rule For Singaporeans

Lee Bee Wah might think that she is smart, but her recent speech in Parliament about the Ah Kong and Ah Seng has certainly backfired spectacularly on her. Not only was she seen as a boot-licking PAP party member, but she also exposed just how the elites of the PAP sees and treat fellow, albeit mediocre, Singaporeans.

First and foremost, she just illustrated how the PAP sees themselves as Ah Kong, while the rest of Singaporeans are seen as Ah Seng. And of course, Ah Kong comes out with all the rules, while whether the Ah Seng likes it or not, they have to follow the rules set. And when Ah Kong don’t like what Ah Seng is doing, then Ah Kong will call out and criticise Ah Seng. The most recent example, when the PAP dishes out goodies like the Merdeka Generation Package, it is being caring and responsible but when the Opposition promises sweeteners (like returning CPF at 55), it is being reckless and irresponsible.

And of course, Ah King deems itself capable of being its own checks and balances, but everyone else are deemed incapable (especially the Ah Seng who wear light blue) and have to be subjected to third-party scrutiny and accountability. And what about conflict of interest? When Ah Kong does it, they are doing it for the good of the nation, but when Ah Seng do it, they are accused of profiting those they are in close contact with.

So thank you Lee Bee Wah, for showing us what we already know. Ah Kong only lives by their own rules, and they set rules and regulations against anything they are not happy with Ah Seng.

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