Foreign Workers Have Sit Down Protest In CBD, Demands Salary To Be Paid

Singaporeans have seldom seen workers protesting in the open about their employers, but that rare occasion was now seen on Wednesday in a narrow side street in the CBD area. The area was the scene of a sit-down protest carried out by about 30 foreign workers who had gathered at their worksite to demand answers from their employer over unpaid salary.

The workers were from Stargood Construction, and the workers claimed that they were owed a total of nearly $300,000 in non-payment for their work, which is a site located at the old CPF Building. The workers, hailing from Bangladesh, China and India, claimed that the salary was for the period between December 2018 to February 2019. Police vehicles were seen at the scene at Maxwell Link, and while the scene was clam, police officers were seen talking to the workers. It was understood that the protest started on Monday morning, with the workers staging the protest for a few hours each day.

The company, for their part, insisted that the main contractor have not paid them for the works carried out, and the that the company is itself having cash flow problems because of this project. MOM have stepped in to talk to the owner of the company, but will only talk to the affected workers on 18 March. No news meantime if police action will be taken against the protestors, as we know in SG that protests are illegal.

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