Man Tricked 38 Companies To Employ Him In 4 Year Period Using Fake Degrees

A 49 year old man have been using fake documents, including NUS Degree, to get employment in 38 different companies over a 4 year period. His ruse finally came to light when one potential employer bothered to check his credentials with NUS, and they found out that his name was never in NUS records.

Chin Ming Lik was using fake documents to get civil engineering jobs, one which even paid him $9,000 monthly. Chin, who in reality, only possessed a PSLE certificate, had heard that project managers in the civil engineering industry drew good salary, so instead of working to get his qualifications in the field, he decided to just forged documentation relating to the field, including an NUS First Class degree in civil engineering scroll, and a Building Construction Supervisors’ Safety Course certificate supposedly from the Ministry of Manpower. He did this by photocopying real certificates of others’ and inserting in his own name. In order to cover his tracks, he even took a statutory declaration that said he had lost all original copies of his documents when he moved house.

38 companies were tricked, but when he was finally caught, he was sentenced to two years and 11 months’ jail, and fined $1,600 for his offences. The companies that were tricked were not named, for fear that others might pull the same trick on them.

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