Hardcore PAP Supporter Stunned After CPF Staff Tells Him To Save More To Top Up CPF

The PAP must be doing a bad job for its long-time supporter to be angry at them. 61-year-old Christopher Pereira, a hardcore supporter of Pinky’s party, was stunned after a CPF staff rudely told him to save up so that he can top up his CPF.

He visited the CPF building to seek help as he believes that withdrawing $458 a month will not make him self-sufficient. Even if he adopts a healthy lifestyle, he cannot avoid health problems and would have to struggle with rising healthcare costs. The monthly amount he can withdraw is definitely not enough for his retirement years.

Although he nicely asked for help, the woman at the CPF counter simply told him to save up. “I ask the lady what happen if I am short say $40k..Do that means I can’t get $458? Also I ask at age 65yrs there is no way to withdraw. what made me confuse was say if you have say $70k lol you May get $40 every month for 28yrs.and if I die early..the government takes the balance…

I don’t see how $458.pays the hospital bills..staying in hospital when you have a home HDB paid? So looking beyond the future. It seems not promising.

So what can we do? Guess what the cpf lady told me??I am 61yrs please save ..now so you can TOP up lol CPF..”

What kind of response is this? It is only natural for people to worry about their finances and the staff at CPF should know better than to rub it in. Just what is the government doing? If even places like the CPF refuse to help Singaporeans, where else can we turn to?

The future is bleak, people. Wake up before it is too late!

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