Former AMKTC GM To Plead Guilty OF Corruption, MP Still Remains Silent

In a surprising conclusion to the trial of the Ang Mo Kio Town Council General Manager corruption case, the man in question, Wong Chee Meng has indicated his willingness to plead guilty. The case has raised a few eyebrows, as while the PAP were busy trying to accuse WP of mismanaging the Town Council funds, their own man in the PM ward was the one who is pleading guilty to corruption.

And while every Minister of the PAP have come out and blasted the WP for their inability to manage a Town Council, no one said a word about this man, who went under the radar while GM of a Town Council located in the PM’s ward to actually receive gratification in his role as GM.

So why the different treatment? While the WP MPs are brought to Court and poured scorn, why has the PAP MPs remained coy about this man who is actually guilty of corruption? ISn’t this a case of mismanagement of a Town Council that this man flew under the radar for quite a while?

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