Police Investigates Jolovan Wham For Holding Piece Of Paper In Front Of State Court

The Singapore Police have commenced investigations against out of luck activist Jolovan Wham, for his photo which he posted on his Facebook which shows him holding a piece of paper in front of the State Courts. On the piece of paper was written the words “Drop the charges against Terry Xu and Daniel De Costa”.

Jolovan Wham, who will already be going to jail for his Skype call to a Hong Kong activist which the Singapore Courts termed as holding an unlawful assembly, is again being investigated for another charge of holding an unlawful assembly. This time, the police is investigating the photo Jolovan took on December 13, in which he held the A4 sized paper with the aforementioned words. Jolovan claimed that the reasons police gave was that he had applied for and was denied a permit to stage a protest outside the State Courts, and he carried on with the photo anyways knowing full well he was not allowed to. However, Jolovan refuted this, saying that the permit he applied for was for a totally different event, and the photo he took had nothing to do with the event. In fact, he said that he took the photo, and immediately left. His intent was to take the photo and post on social media, to show solidarity with the two men, and was never meant as a protest.

In fact, he pointed out that if that was meant as a protest, he would have stayed around longer and not leave immediately once he had his photo. Is this a case of the police being heavy handed, and because it was Jolovan Wham, any act on his part is considered a challenge to the Singapore government? Are they scared of Jolovan Wham then?

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