Mahathir Says Rich SG Bullying Malaysia In Water Issue, Vivian Says Comments Red Herring

Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad has slammed Singapore, saying that rich Singapore is bullying Malaysia in the water issue. He calls for Johor and the people of Johor, whose water Singapore gets its supply from, and selling back treated water at a high price, to speak out against Singapore at what he calls a “morally wrong” water agreement with Singapore.

Mahathir claimed that rich country Singapore has benefited from the ridiculuosly low prices of of buying water from Johor, and then selling it back at a high price after the water is treated to “poor” Malaysia, Mahathir also claims that Singapore has rapidly developed because of the water supplied to them.

As expected, Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan has come our firing in Parliament, accusing the Malaysian PM’s statements as a red herring. He claims that Mahathirs words were intended to rouse public opinion, to make sure that his support with his own people rise back up after falling in recent times. The use of Singapore as a target, he said, was normal, as Mahathir always uses Singapore as his trump card whenever he needs to raise his popularity amongst Malaysians.

However, Vivian and his fellow Ministers failed to address Singaporeans own concerns that the government is also bullying their own citizens over the use of their CPF money.

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