Dead Rat Found In House Brand Basmati Rice In Sheng Shiong

A dead rat was found in a pack of basmati rice that was bought by a resident in Bedok Reservoir Road. In a post that has since gone viral, the netizen claimed that the House Brand basmati rice was bought at a Sheng Siong branch located at Blk 739 Bedok Reservoir Road on Friday, and to his horror, a dead rat was found inside the rice when his daughter opened the packet at home.

This resulted in his whole house smelling of dead rat, and probably the family swearing off basmati rice, if not all kinds of rice, forever. The incident was reported to both AVA and Sheng Siong. For their part, Sheng Siong said that they have removed all the basmati rice products from their shelves, and are investigating the how it could have happened. Other supermarket chains, like Cold Storage and some provision shops have also removed the same brand of basmati rice products from their stores. The company that supplies the brand of basmati rice, K N P Trading also said they have recalled all the same batches of the product, and also claimed that that was the only complaint they have had of a dead rat being found.

AVA also said that it has received report of the incident, and they are carrying out investigations. AVA reiterated that the food industry is reminded to exercise diligence in ensuring the food they supply is fit for consumption.

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