Out in my RSAF No.4 with the gf to go town makan dinner at round 830pm after finishing duty for a bud I owed duty to. Got on the train, 6 stops later, saw 2 corner seats (1 reserved and 1 not), sat on the reserved seat and caught this 2 aunties (with expensive shopping bags of clothes) giving me the death stare.

Auntie 1 approached me and the gf and asked both of us for the seat. I politely declined and she scolded me threatened to take pics and post on stomp (I took out my command and unit patch, flipped my rank inside when going out in uniform lmao) and I fuckin flipped because I couldve avoided the whole problem by simply taking an MC today but out of kindheartedness I didnt and did my bud a huge favor.

Said “Auntie if you can go out shopping for so many clothes Im sure you can walk and stand properly, if you pregnant, no legs, bai kar I can give you if I feel like giving you.”

Auntie 1 started out ranting how NS boys these days so rude to elderly blah blah how no morals etc.

I just kept quiet and told my gf to just ignore and then said “Auntie you can keep scolding me if it makes you feel better but you will never win because we still sitting here while youre standing.”

She immediately shut the fuck up and went on to rant to Auntie 2 that was rather apologetic over her friend’s behaviour. Got up and alighted at the next stop making sure to let other people sit before the aunties could.

Laughed our asses off during dinner. 10/10 would do again.

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