How teachers make or break a student’s future in Singapore.


The role of a teacher simply goes beyond just planning and delivering lessons. From giving inspiration, counseling to moral support, a teacher has a deep impact on the students.

In 2013, Varkey GEMS Foundation conducted a survey on the status of the teachers in Singapore. According to its findings, 45 percent of respondents believed that students have respect for their teachers. The survey also found Singapore ranked third on the index for citizen’s confidence in their national education system. And it is also worth to mention that Singapore has the most successful education system in the world.



The reason is pretty simple—the skilled teaching force in the nation’s schools positively influences the kids. In fact, kids are likely to adapt a lot of things from their teachers, right from the knowledge, and verbal ability to enthusiasm for the job. Simply put, whatever teachers are doing right, it influences their students.


They are like the “third parent” to the students. Students look for a positive role model in their teachers, especially when they fail to find such figure in their family. Students learn through them, through their dedication to give the best and through their ability to make them realize their personal growth. They seek them for advice and guidance. This is why the role of a teacher goes beyond just planning and delivering lessons.


Here is how a good teacher shapes the future of the students…


Enhancing their Learning Beyond the Classroom:

According to a study by the Gates Foundation, effective teachers are able to repeat success with their students. The key reason is that a good teacher always encourages his or her students to learn. The teachers believe in them and make sure the students are actually in the class, not just paying attention to the lecture.


“Without teachers input to shape education reforms, recovery processes are not likely to achieve all their goals.” 

UNESCO (on World’s Teacher Day)


Students enjoy learning when they are taught in a fun way. Further, the expectations of the teachers motivate students to give their best.


Encouraging Students to Go to College:

A teacher’s role is also instrumental to decrease the dropout rates. Harvard and Columbia University found that students with good teachers are more likely to attend college. Generally, the persona of an impactful teacher inspires the students to well-educated like him or her. The other reason is that a teacher motivates students to complete their study so that they get good job.


Raising Students’ Earnings:

According to one study, students “assigned to high value added teachers”have bright chances to earn higher incomes. Well, this is no brainer. A good teacher inspires students to get good grades which in turn get them into good colleges, eventually in the good jobs. Personal growth, a good support system and a good work ethic are equally important factors—which are also saturated by a teacher. The ethics and dedication of the teachers inspire a student to become high-quality professionals, leading to the quality services and products in the nation.


Encouraging Positivity Among Students:

Teachers also promote positive behavior among students. For example, appreciating one’s effort or behavior in the classroom is a powerful way to encourage students to be on their best behavior. Many schools stress use of physical objects like stickers or certifications to reward their positive gestures. However, a student should be told that their specific positive behavior is observed.


The Bottom Line:

Teachers are a true role model for the students. They not only inspire students to learn, but also empower the students to make good decisions when they interact with the world outside the classroom, positively influencing their adult years.

This is the right quote to end the topic…


“To me, the sole hope of human salvation lies in teaching.” – George Bernard Shaw


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