On 5th of december 2017, at about 11:15pm, my mother and I boarded SHD0146Y(Trans Cab Company).

On the way to our destination, the taxi driver continually reprimanded us in a ticked off manner for not helping to lift our baggage into the car trunk despite me and my mom’s repeated apologies and explanation. At that point of time, my mom was injured hence she was not able to carry heavy baggage. The taxi driver told me to move my push cart to the other side when he was lifting the baggage. Moreover, he was the one blocking the entire car trunk while he lifted the baggage so there was no way we could be of help. Instead, too many cooks would spoil the broth. However, we did express our apologies that we could not be of much help.

Upon reaching the destination, as I scrambled to get my bags when I alighted from the cab, he again shouted “Oi! You never close the car door!?” . My hands were obviously full with multiple bags in each hand and I was yet to even place them down on the floor along with other baggage, let alone “find a hand” to close the car door. Thus, it is undeniable that this driver was being unreasonable by shouting at me without waiting for me to place my items down and closing the door. It was not as if I did not intend to close the car door, it was just a matter of a few seconds that he could not be bothered to wait. Instead of being angry, I kept my cool and closed the door.

However, the driver furiously shouted at me, questioning why I had to slam the door. Firstly I did not slam the door because I did not even put in a lot of force. Secondly, aren’t you supposed to use at least exert a little bit of energy when closing the car door to ensure that the door is properly closed? There were many instances when I did not close the car doors properly due to insufficient energy exerted and drivers would remind me to close the car door again with more force.

He shouted “你不爽是不是?” (U not happy isit)
I said “是你不爽。我关车门平常是这样的。” (Youre the one whos being unhappy. This is how I usually close car doors.)

What really triggered me was when he started threatening me to beat me up if i were a boy,etc etc and started swearing at me, calling me a bastard. Even
after I said that I would call the police, he continued swearing with F
words, pointing the middle finger and just drove off.

I would like to criticize this driver’s brash, uncivilised, impatient and
utterly distasteful behavior. As a customer, I am not being self entitled and
asking for the most excellent service and having the driver at my beck and
call. All I ask for is at least polite and gracious service. It is not as if
I’m refusing to pay a single cent. It is outrageous to threaten to use
violence, curse and swear at a customer just because the customer did not
immediately close the car door/the car door was closed loudly. This kind of
behavior is that of a hooligan’s and is utterly uncalled for. I call for
everyone to stand up for themselves while facing this kind of rude taxi
drivers and report them to their respective companies.

A.S.S. Contributor

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