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Hi Guys. I am sharing my personal experience with a female in my work place that has cause me a lot of grief…

In Singapore we have many citizen who went overseas for their further studies and then came back to Singapore to work. Unfortunately many of them picked up extreme feminists view. This is more apparent from people who went to US colleges and infected by weird ideologies. From their social media platform you can usually tell the typical traits of a feminist or SJWs type people.

I am a senior executive in one of the MNC (Engineering field) in Singapore and i personally have been seeing more of these types of new hires in my place of employment. For you mgtow who had worked or currently working in Singapore you will know that the culture in Singapore differs to that of the western countries. The most important different is that Singapore is a Capitalist country. For most of the companies in Singapore we do not care about gender quota, we care more about things like how cheaply we can hire and how much you can make for the company. Sure we have “soft” rules against discrimination but they are mostly just a guildline as long as we can justify to the Ministry of Manpower, a ministry regulating Employment practices.

In the department i work in i have 2 such females under me. And they are feminists to say the least. Their social media shows all the typical SJWs ******** and they total embrace their feminism ideology, and they are not afraid to let people know they are proud feminist.

All the troubles started when during a regular meeting where one of them tries to negotiate her salary with me by bringing out of all things, the gender pay gap ********. That’s right guys. Not why she was justified for the proposed pay increment or what additional values she can bring to this organisation but GENDER PAY GAP.

Out of curiosity i asked her what did she study in the US for her degree. Because she sounds like she attended one of those gender studies or SJW degree courses and not Engineering as her resume propose. I was feeling amused so i told her to rethink her argument and give me a better reason for considering her proposed pay increment.

I explain to her that in this company we will pay you for what you are worth. Not because of your genitalia. We do not care about your sex, but what you can bring for the company. I even give her an example like if she has a proposal that can save the company X amount of money that will be bringing value!

Logical right?? But apparently here is where i messed up. Because I used the word sex and genitalia to her. I was asked to the HR who told me “someone” complained against me for “sexual harassment” lol. W.T.F

Having worked in the company for a relatively long time i was in a pretty good relationship with the HR people. In fact i have several close friends inside and one of them recommend my current job to me. I asked and they told me who and what was all the complains about. They had to call me in because sexual harassment is a serious case that is ground for dismissal so the “show must go on!”

My friends in the HR department told me that not only had i made the “sex” and ‘genitalia” comment but that I also attempted to touch her inappropriately. Now this where i am very fortunate. My office is right beside our company’s server room and there is a wide angle, high definition security camera. So me and the accuser’s interaction was caught on the camera. I when to the security and asked to look at the video and it proof i was nowhere near her during our conversation.

Hr simply told her i am not under investigation any more. Well HR is done but i am not. I am extremely pissed off with her so i started to mess with her work by making unrealistic demand. Her work eventually got sloppy due to all the stress im putting on her and she quit 4 months after the incident.

After she quit i decided that I wasnt done yet and i lawyer-ed up and sue her for damages for the incident. In Singapore if you lose a court case you will be liable to pay for compensation and the other party’s court fee especially for this type of case. She will be slap with fines and If you are unable to pay you will be sentence to jail and this will then be on your record, which will then affect your job prospect.

Well to make long story short she lose, and she’s in jail due to no money. And the sweet things is that I dont even have to pay my lawyer, who is the brother of my father and he is just looking out for family.

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