This gonna be a length post on taxi fares vs PHVs. I’ll summarize it as much as I can based on my own experience. One sentence summary is : Taxi fares is hard to compete with PHV fares. The rest, read on..on fares, pax, and driver.

As I was doing full time PHV for past months and thus not really active here as hardly got time to post.

Taxi fares can’t beat PHVs fares as 90% PHV fares are cheaper between $2-$8. Even with the remaining 10% surged fares, with discounts codes, its comparable to taxi fares. Calls keep coming in and their auto soon to clear is so much efficient than those from taxi companies. Even we can’t do street hail, it doesn’t matter much as calls keeps me busy. I won’t call pax cheapos or whatsoever, as long as this PHV system is still around, pax has the choice. Lower fares are ‘compensated’ with higher pax rides. Many times, my observation was I am on my way to pick pax or picking pax near taxi stands with many taxis in queue or with green top around me. But I also noticed a higher occurrence of taxis of all colors with BUSY top, picking up pax with a waving phone in hand, (U know what i mean)
If PHVs gets the upper hand by crippling taxi trade, in no time, PHV fares will sky rocket. At this point, I feel it has made some realised its not so ‘attractive to be a taxi driver’ due to its higher cost and lesser pax rides..

Mainly are those disliked by TDs, eg, short trips from AP, air crew, ABNN, PRCs and Caucasians. PHVs pax are GPS suckers. They trust GPS than drivers recommendations. A few times I preview the whole route, GPS may offer a shorter route, but its with plenty of traffic lights. Suggested to pax but they prefer GPS route. Eventually when journey was longer than expected, pax face changed, while I just drive along in a very relax manner,abide all speed limits. Only about 5% pax are the smarter ones that either will tell you their preferred route or listen to recommendations. Pax are usually waiting there or on time when you arrive.

Its dummy style of driving. Everything just follow GPS navigation. Thank goodness the road experience I accumulated over the years helped me a lot as 20%, the GPS will lead u to the wrong pick up point / destination drop off point. Common when the pick up point is a development near highway, it’ll direct u to pick pax along the highway. Thus I believe this is why many inexperienced PHV drivers we see on the roads always to do last minute stunts.

Based on the incentive package I’m having, I made better nett $$, with the same hours vs if I was driving a taxi. I can now even have a complete rest day with no worries on rental. But if there’s no incentives, I think its better off driving taxis or almost on par.

They do have a shortage of drivers since LTA’s PHV licensing kicks in July 2017, thus many bad profile drivers are removed, and therefore they favor TDs so much as we are generally more mature and know the roads well.

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