Tax in singapore is hidden and works under disguise. is around 30-40%. it is collected in the following ways:

HDB double pricing
Overpriced goods and services.
everyday small taxes, ERP, Road Tax, parking

They have fancy names for them. CPF , ERP COE.

Welcome to the west. those pappy supporters and IB who keep supporting them dont realise they are paying the same level of tax as in the west . For example. A HDB cost 2x-3x more than the cost price it was built.

While someone in his 20s start working he may feel taxes are low because direct income tax is low. But he doesnt realise CPF is monthly income tax But here comes the indirect tax part.:

When he marries and settles down to buy HDB and car COE. the tax is collected from there. The difference in the west and Singapore is that int he west u pay income tax monthly (Same thing as CPF under disguise) but here they collect it at one go when u make snake oil lease purchases ( rental ) like HDB and Car. And everyday taxes such as ERP, Parking, Conservancy charges. There is no such thing as low tax in a resourceless country where there is nothing to export.

There are many ways tax can be collected. And words like tax and social welfare can be effectively framed in fake ways to support ruling class ideas.

A.S.S. Contributor

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