15th November morning, I was riding the MRT towards Joo Koon from Pioneer. I was at the front cab of the train that almost reached Joo Koon MRT. At exactly 8.20 am, there was a loud bang, and a violent shaking threw everyone onto the floor. The lights also suddenly went out. I almost thought we were about to fall over.

From the pilot cabin, we could hear the Driver speaking on the radio. He
spoke to the control center that the train behind had collided with the train

A Bangladeshi or Indian man could not get up. He hit his head in the
collision. A Caucasian man (possibly from Europe), rendered assistance.

I tried pressing the comms button, but there was no response. The Caucasian
man spoke to the driver through the opening of the door, informed the driver
there is an injured person on board.

An SMRT staff came from the other side to check on the casualty. He probably
came from the rear of the train. We asked him if it was possible to open the
train door to let the injured person out. The staff said that if the train
door was opened, then all the train doors would be opened at the same time,
which would endanger passengers walking on the electrified tracks. I asked
him if it was possible to just open only a single door. He replied they
cannot control it like that.

After a long time, the front door from the driver side was opened. 2
passengers helped the injured man to his feet and got him out first. The rest
of us then followed outside. It was 8.50, half an hour since the collision.

At the control station of Joo Koon, people were forming a long queue. They
were queuing to get the excuse chit, as well as cancel the overstay status,
as they cannot tap out with their EZ Link cards.

It was a bad experience, but I could say I was lucky enough to get away with
just a few bumps. Others weren’t so lucky. This has already become the norm.
And you can see the resilience of Singaporeans from the way we tap on our
phones even as we were stuck on board.

I would like to thank Mr Khaw for such an experience, because every time he
opens his big mouth, an incident is never far behind.

Chen GJ
A.S.S. Contributor

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