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The role of technology has become important than ever in today’s education scenario. It makes learning easier and interesting, besides boosting engagement in the classroom.

No wonder that the government of Singapore is looking serious to incorporate technology into classroom learning, whether it’s a launching of educational robots or introduction of virtual reality in the classroom.

But are teachers ready to adapt such innovative ways to educate students?

Asking this question does make sense as not all teachers across the nation are ready for this change.

Surprisingly, most teachers are willing to improve their understanding of technology, despite the fact they hesitant to use the technology in the classroom. Why?

Here are some possible reasons why they are anti-tech when it comes to classroom learning.


Lack of Training:

Some teachers shy away from educational devices and programs just because they don’t know how to operate them. This is why training sessions for teachers are as important as deploying of technology in the classrooms. But that doesn’t mean they should be given last minute training or user manuals.

Sometime, the training is too technological to be understood by them. The training is conducted by tech expert of the company rather than pedagogical experts. Consequently, they don’t get an idea how to make it effective with their students.

Besides, teachers should be encouraged by school authorities to use classroom technology.


Fear of Being Humiliated:

Many teachers, regardless of their age and experience, fear that they would be looked down by others if they fail to educate with gadgets. Then, they are worried if the certain piece of technology works or what if they break something. That’s why they consider it better to sticking with the conventional way to impart education. In this scenario, consultation and training sessions help them lose their inhibitions.


Lack of Infrastructure:

A lack of infrastructure is another reason teachers lose their interest in education technology. If they don’t have proper equipment in place, they may be frustrated sooner or later. Sometime, schools cut the corners by opting for cheap yet poor quality of connectivity which creates trouble later on.


Not Using Technology in Personal Lives:

If teachers have never used technology in their personal lives, they won’t be able to keep pace with it in their professional life. Many aged teachers are not familiar with the gadgets and technology throughout their life. No wonder that they refrain from using classroom technology.



Many teachers believe that technology is not required in the classroom as it doesn’t make any big difference. For them, it is just a luxury or a matter of choice. Some think that classroom technology will be a question mark over their teaching skills and credibility. However, they need to understand that technology is here to make their work easier, not to replace them.


Building Unrealistic Expectations:

One of the greatest misconceptions about classroom technology is that it transforms the learning experience and turns all the students into achievers overnight. But technology is here to help teachers to deliver the education in interesting and comprehensive ways as possible. It just aids the learning.

When teachers with unrealistic expectations learn this realty, they are hugely disappointed and lose their interest eventually.


Bottom Line:

So, you must have understood why most teachers are not willing to embrace classroom technology. Given that technology empowers education, it is important to motivate the teachers to use technology in the classroom. It can be possible by putting the following ideas to practice:

·         Proper Training and Consultation Programs

·         Easy to Use Hardware and Software

·         Support for the Devices

·         Plan to Integrate Technology into Lesson Plans

·         Feedback


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