I would like to share this incident that has happened to me recently. I am a single mom from Malaysia who has a tough time making ends meet working in a restaurant and a house cleaning job in Singapore to support my 2 young kids after my husband left me.

Earlier this week, a couple who is a regular in the place that I work in, came in and ordered their usual soup and food, and 1 coke. I was clearing their table after they finished their meal, the guy casually asked why I look rather sad as usually I’m very cheerful. Previously we casually chat a few times and he notices I am holding many odd jobs and working very hard as a single mother. I told them that I just went to clean 3 houses today and just started my night shift at the restaurant. He asked if everything was alright, so I told him also that my kids childcare fees was due and I am having issues. But I just had to work harder. He then smiled and asked for the bill. The total bill was $66.

After I went to the counter to swipe his Visa card, I realized he put his visa card and 2 pieces of $1000 note into the bill folder.

Feeling puzzled, I thought he made a mistake and accidentally left the 2 pieces of $1000 note inside. When I passed the receipt for him to sign, I return it to him. That’s when he told me something I will never forget, He said ” No it’s not a mistake, we have 2 hands, One is to work hard and the other is to help others. ”

I cried after they left. I wanted to thank him and I saw his credit card name was “Atwell Tay”. I searched on Facebook and realized he had appeared in The New Paper before. I would like to say my deepest thanks to him as it tide me over for my kid’s school fee.

Xinyu Wang
A.S.S. Contributor

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