A much anticipated public appearance by asylum seeker Amos Yee, who was recently released from jail after successfully being granted asylum status in the USA in September, has been cancelled by its organizers Harvard College Open Campus Initiative (HCOCI).

The cancellation of the talk with Singapore’s most famous dissident came less than 2 days after the event was publicized online.

In a post yesterday, HCOCI wrote, “Our upcoming event with Amos Yee has been cancelled. Our apologies to those who were planning to attend.

There were no reasons given for the cancellation, although Amos himself has speculated on the possible reasons for its cancellation. He claims that groups of people had sent complaints to Harvard about his support for underage sex and violence.

If it had gone ahead, the event would have been held on Nov. 13, 6pm (US eastern time). The HCOCI is a student-run organisation at Harvard College that was established last November.

This comes amidst another blow to Amos Yee’s new life in the States after his Facebook account was banned for “violating the social media platform’s guidelines.”

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